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Deutsch | EnglishPuppet theatre live >> Klemens S.V.- live (puppet comedy for adults)

Klemens S.V.- live (puppet comedy for adults)

Klemens Schulte-Vierkötter LIVE is a unique theatrical experience! PUPPEN SCHULTE & Co. manages to get to almost every event with Klemens´s mobile stage. For trade fairs, conferences, company jubilees, street festivals or exhibition opening ceremonies: Klemens is bound to get things going!
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KLEMENS - LIVE (puppet comedy for adults)

The programme is made up of (up to four) 15-minute blocks, individually texted to meet each customer's requirements!  

This means: We write your personal Klemens programme based on data provided by you. You can even say whether you would like Klemens to be a little less outspoken or particularly brazen. In the end though, this won't help you much. After all, you can't change Klemens: he may be cheeky, political and inquisitive, but never offensive!

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