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TV Sketch and Gag Writer

Bodo Schulte writes sketches and creates gags for familiar characters or new figures that appear on TV comedy shows, children's programmes, in theatre projects or elsewhere.
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Klemens Schulte-Vierkötter

Together with the Stefan and Peter Neuhaus, Bodo Schulte created the TV puppet KLEMENS SCHULTE-VIERKÖTTER for the German broadcasting company WDR.
This farmer puppet has a rustic background, complete with wife LISBETH, the village idiot PLÜMPERS HEINRICH, and a very odd parish priest PFARRER SCHRÖPPKE.
In more than 400 episodes, including around 50 outdoor scenes at original locations, Klemens appears on the TV screen every Friday evening – frequently in a live programme in which he replies to post from viewers. Klemens has truly become a cult figure. And thanks to satellite TV and live performances, this status is not only enjoyed in the local Sauerland region.
Klemens’s customary greeting "Tach Zusammen! Na, wie isses" is the German equivalent of “G’day all! How’s it goin’?” before he launches into legendary stories, e.g. about BSE meat on the run, or to introduce his asparagus choir.
Sometimes as many as several hundred viewers’ letters are received each week. Klemens says: THANKS!

(1993 - 2001, weekly in the WDR TV programme “Lokalzeit-Südwestfalen“)

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