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In summer 2007, Bodo Schulte stayed 3 months in Moscow, where he made a film. In the cinema film "PLUS ONE", Jethro Skinner (GB) plays the role of puppeteer star ...
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Bodo Schulte has been working with the puppeteer ensemble of the WDR broadcasting company since 1997. He performs CAPT'N BLUEBEAR (head/moving mouth), "dances" and "whistles" ...
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BERT in Sesame Street
In 2003, Bodo Schulte and his colleague Andreas Förster won an ERNIE & BERT casting in Hamburg under the direction of US puppeteer, Kevin Clash (ELMO). Since attending a workshop in New York ...
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Klemens Schulte-Vierkötter
Bodo Schulte not only invented and built this TV farmer puppet who has achieved cult status; he also speaks and performs him. (WDR TV)
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Playhouse Disney
n the PLAYHOUSE DISNEY show for pre-school children, five presenters and three puppets perform, sing, build and cook. MONTY the mole and MITZI the speaking oven glove are manipulated and spoken by Bodo Schulte.
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Tiger & Toni
In 1996/97, the US children?s programme NICKELODEON produced about 150 stories in Düsseldorf featuring TIGER (Bodo Schulte) and TONI (Vera Harter). ...
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The Ötzis
Together with other professional puppeteers, Bodo Schulte played various commercials in 2003 using meticulously constructed, oversized look-alikes of the Ötzis ' a Kinder surprise egg doll series. (Ferrero)
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K.K. Lacki is a cockroach! And a very special one at that! Together with presenter Yvette Dankou, K.K. Lacki guided viewers through a technical programme of the same name in 2000/2001.
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