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Puppetry Coach

At puppetry workshops, Bodo Schulte shows participants how theatre, TV and film puppets are performed.
Film puppet seminars focus mainly on teamwork (hand and head performers) and on working the camera by way of control monitors (TV).
Bodo holds seminars for coaching not only professional puppeteers, but also beginners and semi-professionals. His experience as a certified social worker in the education sector is the ideal supplement to the know-how he has gained as a puppet performer in 20 years of theatre and television work.
On an international scale, he has worked, e.g. in Buenos Aires (ARG), Moscow (RUS), New York (USA), Vienna (A), Cairo (EGY), Paris (FRA) and Madrid (ESP).

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Workshops for Beginners and Opinion Leaders

Knowledge multipliers (teachers, educators, social workers, etc.) and amateur theatre fans are only some of the people who attend Bodo Schulte's seminars on puppetry and puppet-making.

People usually go to these workshops to learn to perform with hand and rod puppets, though the main focus is on moving-mouth and hand puppets.
The ongoing puppeteers find out how to manipulate a puppet so that it appears to be alive, how to transfer movements observed on "real" people, and how to avoid just jiggling the puppet around.

"It's all about imagination; creating fantasy pictures in the heads of the audience!"
In lively, sometimes hilarious, exercises, the participants learn the "ABC" of puppetry. Depending on their former experience and the time available, topics may include how best to use your voice, "open" performances where the puppeteer is visible to the audience; or sometimes even the use of props and stage-sets.

The design and construction of simple but effective hand, moving-mouth or rod puppets is another element that provides variety and extra entertainment if the time-frame allows.

Berufskolleg Märkischer Kreis (district vocational college), Fachschule für Erzieherinnen (teacher's college)