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Deutsch | EnglishPuppet theatre live
Klemens S.V.- live (puppet comedy for adults)
Klemens Schulte-Vierkötter LIVE is a unique theatrical experience! PUPPEN SCHULTE & Co. ...
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Using moving-mouth and table puppets, Bodo Schulte performs "visibly"; meaning that he is in full view of the audience while ...
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A children's play about environmental protection. Suitable for kiddies of 5 and older who can join in with puppets.
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Kasper (the German "Punch") and the Snowman
An interactive play with glove puppets for children of 4 or more years. "The Snowman" was the first glove puppet play produced ...
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The Hungry Robbers
Although this is a classical tale with Kasper, his grandmother and the robbers, it is by no means a narrow-minded affair. Without any fuddy-duddy morals ...
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