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Puppetry Coach

At puppetry workshops, Bodo Schulte shows participants how theatre, TV and film puppets are performed.
Film puppet seminars focus mainly on teamwork (hand and head performers) and on working the camera by way of control monitors (TV).
Bodo holds seminars for coaching not only professional puppeteers, but also beginners and semi-professionals. His experience as a certified social worker in the education sector is the ideal supplement to the know-how he has gained as a puppet performer in 20 years of theatre and television work.
On an international scale, he has worked, e.g. in Buenos Aires (ARG), Moscow (RUS), New York (USA), Vienna (A), Cairo (EGY), Paris (FRA) and Madrid (ESP).

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TV Training in Cairo:

In 2005, Bodo Schulte was commissioned by the "Al Jazeera" broadcasting company to train seven Egyptian puppeteers at a "training camp" in Cairo / Egypt. The production company was Neoproduction, Cairo, who ordered two moving-mouth puppets from German puppet-maker Peter Röders (www.fabula.filmpuppen.de). Bodo Schulte then cast and trained the best puppet-players for a whole week in August 2005. Following their training, these puppeteers produced the first programmes with the new figures "Marmar" and "Lulu".
Because the previously selected candidates had very different levels of experience, ranging from performing in the Egyptian version of Sesame Street - "Alam Sim Sim" - to zero, the first days were mainly spent with basic training. During this initial period the most talented players soon became evident.
Together with physical fitness, commitment and team compliance, it was this talent that later determined the four puppeteers who were finally chosen as the performers for MARMAR and LULU.
One of the difficulties to be mastered in this Egyptian workshop was the fact that the body and head, including the mouth movements, were to be animated by two men who were already familiar with puppetry, while the two women playing the hands had no former experience. Because the production company insisted that the puppets were to have female voices, the texts now had to be spoken by the women while their male colleagues had to move the puppet's mouths synchronised to the words!

At a room temperature of 30°C (with air conditioning!) and with only 7 day's time, it was a truly shirt-wringing undertaking. But puppet-performers Sheymee, Ashraf, Noha and Temer were really keen, to the delight of their trainer Bodo, and working relations became more companionable each day.

"A wonderful experience with wonderful people!"

(Say: "Schokran, assalamo allaikom!" Translation: "Thank you, peace be with you!)