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Puppetry Coach

At puppetry workshops, Bodo Schulte shows participants how theatre, TV and film puppets are performed.
Film puppet seminars focus mainly on teamwork (hand and head performers) and on working the camera by way of control monitors (TV).
Bodo holds seminars for coaching not only professional puppeteers, but also beginners and semi-professionals. His experience as a certified social worker in the education sector is the ideal supplement to the know-how he has gained as a puppet performer in 20 years of theatre and television work.
On an international scale, he has worked, e.g. in Buenos Aires (ARG), Moscow (RUS), New York (USA), Vienna (A), Cairo (EGY), Paris (FRA) and Madrid (ESP).

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Master's Class for Cinema Film in Moscow

In the summer of 2007, Bodo Schulte spent three months in Moscow where he had been engaged as the supervisor for all puppetry matters. He was also in action making the Russian cinema film PLUS ONE which was shot at original locations.

In PLUS ONE, everything is centred round the English puppeteer star TOM GREENWOOD (Jethro Skinner) who runs a master's class for 12 Russian students of puppetry in Moscow. During the course, the Briton - who gives a very extrovert performance with his puppet DIGGY - meets MASHA (Madlen Djabrailova), a shy interpreter.

After building two puppets (DIGGY) based on a design by Sonja Heller (Menden), and borrowing an additional 15 figures for the shooting programme from his colleagues Peter Röders, Michael Hepe and Norman Schneider, Bodo took up his work as advisor, puppetry coach, puppet performer and scriptwriter in Moscow.

Besides training the British lead, Jethro Skinner, in the basic principles of puppetry and the peculiarities of moving-mouth puppets, he also taught the master's class of 12 Russian puppeteers and clowns from St. Petersburg and Moscow while working on the film.

He manipulated DIGGY as a puppet-player in front of the camera, doubled for the star, and also performed minor acting roles.

He was the scriptwriter for the main puppet scenes, especially the "final show" in which the puppetry students had to demonstrate their newly trained skills.

Diggy and Bodo Schulte

Producer: Elena Glikman (Mosfilm - Telesto)
Direction: Oksana Bychkova
Screenplay: Oksana Bychkova, Nana Greenstein, Bodo Schulte
Actors/Actresses: Jethro Skinner, Madlen Djabrailova, Alex Adabashian, Eugenia Simonova
Puppet performers: Bodo Schulte, Jethro Skinner
Puppetry coach: Bodo Schulte
Puppet makers: Obraszow-Theater Moskow, Bodo Schulte, Peter Röders, Norman Schneider, Michael Beneke
Puppet design - Diggy: Sonja Heller, Bodo Schulte